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About iBurst

What is iBurst?

iBurst provides you with continued high-speed connectivity for your corporate or personal needs, through wireless broadband internet and email services. Within the reception area of base stations close to you, you can maintain this connection in an always-on mode. See our prices and packages page for more information.

Why iBurst?

  • Simplicity - The service is fully compatible with existing laptops and desktop computers - no upgrades or new devices required.
  • Speed - Get high speed Internet & email access.
  • Access - Wide area wireless access means that access is available wherever the user needs it. Use your modem anywhere in iBurst coverage areas.
  • Availability - Always on connectivity - there's no need to keep re-connecting.
  • Capacity - Unique spatial processing feature allows multiple re-use of the same spectrum yielding exceptional capacity from just 5 MHz of spectrum.
  • Security - Many characteristics of the iBurst service combine to make it more secure than existing wireless delivery modes including the directionality of the signal as well as extensive encryption of the data transferred.
  • Great service - Superior customer service is guaranteed.
  • Empowered - The only black-owned telecoms license-holder in SA.

All bundles include...

  • free activation
  • free delivery
  • free installation
  • free 086 fax-to-email service
  • free mailbox (5 aliases and 10MB storage) with antivirus and antispam protection